Would you be willing to give an hour of your time like Tracey Griffin did with Samantha Simmons (below, left) and Robert Dennis did with Michael Alford (below right)?  As you can see by this testimonial, it will certainly make a difference.  Send us a note with the form, below, regarding how you’d like to help.  Thank you!

“My experience with Ms. Tracey Griffin was fantastic! I took a tour of the Pandora building and talked to her about her job, what it encompasses and what she is looking forward to in the future of Pandora. I learned a lot about how it takes a lot of hard work and determination to build a company like Pandora. We talked about my interests and how I can combine my love of fashion with math/technology. This experience was wonderful and I know it well help me as I think about my future. I was so fortunate to meet Ms. Tracey. I hope to keep in contact with her in the future. Thank you ABC and CONNECTdmv for the opportunity!”

 –Samantha, A Better Chance Scholar

“The networking event for the scholars was great! It engaged the scholars and gave them the opportunity to meet with folks from various, diverse fields. They were able to see professionals who not only looked like themselves but who are doing well in their careers. My daughter, Samantha, was fortunate to win a shadow day with Tracey Griffin, CFO, Pandora Americas. She had a great visit with her. Thank you ABC & CONNECTdmv for providing an awesome opportunity for the scholars with this event. 

–Martine Rodriguez, A Better Chance Parent

Tracey Griffin and Samantha Simmons
Robert Dennis and Michael Alford

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Creating Opportunities


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